Your Positive Aging Expert


Introductory offer

$5.99 CAD

for an all-inclusive PAIGE Experience

What is PAIGE?

PAIGE is your Positive Aging Expert, digitally specialized in skin health solutions. Created by physicians for patients, Paige enables access to skin health education, options, and outcome possibilities.

PAIGE is the Consultation before the Consultation, in the palm of your hand.

Imagine yourself with managed acne, treated rosacea, diminished hyperpigmentation or without those unwanted moles and spots. Imagine yourself with younger, healthier looking skin. 

With PAIGE you can imagine, envision, and realize your skin health goals.

Your Digital Consultation

Helping you express yourself, your concerns, and your skin health goals.

Your Imaging Session

Providing a glimpse of your post-treatment, future-self in the PAIGE Studio and on the PAIGE Mirror.

Your Consultation Summary

Bringing your consultation together with your imaging session and supporting you with possible treatment options in the areas of Skin Care, Procedures & Laser Treatments, Injectables, and Prescription medications.

Your Clinical Connection

Connecting you with our exclusive Clinical Partner in Canada, Ottawa Derm Centre, where you can realize your skin health journey with world class healthcare professionals specialized in Dermatology.